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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 5 : WHAT THE F, TYRA !

The Girl Who Sings For Alicia Keys

Post Elimination :
Leila's obsession of Laura gets more tension than before. Leila hopes that she will get along with Laura and expect Laura to pick her to join Tyra Suite, but Laura picks Kristin instead of her. She is not pissed, but she is kinda envy with Laura and Kristin's relation. Alicia Keys comes to the house with Tyra. Some of the girls cry, but Kiara sings for her. Tyra announces that the challenge is doing fashion runway for Alicia Keys' charity foundation. They get a chance to showcase their walk inspired by Alicia Keys' song in front of Alicia Keys and Tyra. They will wear Mara Hoffman's dress in the runway. Al dresses are bid on and the girl with the highest bid win the challenge. The winner can pick one girl to accompany her to go to see Alicia Keys one more time. Since Laura is the president for that week, she is responsible for the hair and make up of the girls.

Challenge :
Laura gets a problem when Kelly asks her about girls' hair. Laura let the girls decide their own hair based on their dress and Kelly doubt about the continuity and cohession if she does that. Leila is kinda happy that Laura is in trouble. Kelly gives Laura a very good quote : "When you running a team, you can not be a best friend to them." Again, they show a bit from some girls, but they show Leila struggles. It will be a tough week for Leila. Alicia and Tyra announce that there are three girls that stand out, they are Victoria, Laura and Kiara and the winner is ... KIARA ! Again. She picks Nastasia to join her. I bet Kiara will stay long if she continuosly wins every single challenge, no matter how bad her photo is and how low her fan vote is.

Score :
1. Kiara 10
2. Laura 9
3. Victoria 9
4. Nastasia 8
5. Kristin 7
6. Brittany 7
7. Leila 6
8. Yvonne 6
9. Allyssa 5

Drama in the House :
Laura and Kristin vs Leila. This week is not Leila's week. Most of the girls talk about Leila's obsession of Laura. Laura and Leila talk about it in front of the girls and Leila states that Laura is obsessed to herself. Laura cries and feels bullied like in high school because Leila says the exactly same thing with people in her high school. Leila does not care more about it and wants to be more focus to the competition.

Photoshoot :
CHEERLEADING ! Laura is scared of height, while Kristin is quite confident because she has been doing it for six years, but she still worries about being a cheerleader instead of model. Allyssa injures one of the man during the photoshoot and it makes Laura even more scarier than before. Laura looks very scared and it shows in the camera. Nevertheless, Laura is praised by Jhonny and the photographer. Again, it is not a good week for Leila. Leila fails to impress Jhonny and gives a duck lip a lot. It looks like Tyra has planned it before. She feels her issue with Laura might distract her during the photoshoot. Leila with teary eyes hopes that photoshoot does not stop her from being in the competition. I hope so Leila, may Tyra be with you.

The Judging :
K : 6
T : 8
R : 8

Mine : 7
K : 4
T : 6
R : 7

Mine : 8

I love everything in this photo, except ... her face
K : 8
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 3
K : 9
T : 6
R : 10

Mine : 7
K : 6
T : 6
R : 6

Mine : 7
K : 9
T : 8
R : 10

Mine : 8

Her right leg looks shorter than her left leg. If she can balance it, I will give her a perfect ten.
K : 7
T : 9
R : 9

Mine : 8
K : 6
T : 8
R : 6

Mine : 6
K : 9
T : 9
R : 6

Mine : 8

The Elimination :
1. Nastasia 40.9 (Fan Vote : 5.85)
2. Laura 38.7 (Fan Vote : 5.69)
3. Kristin 38.1 (Fan Vote : 6.1)
4. Kiara 37.3 (Fan Vote : 4.3)
5. Victoria 36.5 (Fan Vote : 5.5)
6. Yvonne 36.4 (Fan Vote : 5.37)
7. Allyssa 30.8 (Fan Vote : 5.76)
8. Brittany 29.5 (Fan Vote : 4.49)
9. Leila 29 (Fan Vote : 6.01)

My Elimination :
1. Nastasia 48.9
2. Laura 46.7
3. Kristin 45.1
4. Yvonne 44.4
5. Victoria 43.5
6. Kiara 40.3
7. Leila 37
8. Allyssa 36.8
9. Brittany 36.5

Leila shocks, the other girls also shock and Laura cries ! Tyra says to Leila that she is shocked too when she accumulates the score. Bryanboy also states that Leila was her favorite girl. I bet all the girls are happy that Leila goes home because one of the biggest competitor is already eliminated. I really wish Kiara was the one who got eliminated this week, but luckily she won the challenge and judges love her photo. I predicted the Top 5 will be Leila, Laura, Brittany, Victoria and Nastasia and Jessie will be the one who comebacks, but ... sadly ... only one girl that can be compete again one more time. If Leila does not comeback, at least it should be Jessie so far, but if one of them does not comeback, TYRA AND THE VOTERS MUST BE CRAZY.

Next Week :
Their challenge is to bring video game to life. Bryanboy pisses off because of Yvonne's attitude.

Comeback Series :
Mine : 7
Mine : 5
Mine : 4

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