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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 6 : And Leila's Crown Goes to ...

The Girls Who Gets Pwn'd

LEILA, LEILA, LEILA. Everyone still talks about her and her shocking elimination in a good and bad way. Some of them are very happy, but some of them are worried because Leila, the strongest contender is got eliminated last week. Laura is very confident after Leila's elimination. Yes, I believe Laura is the strongest in the bunch and no one in the house in the same level with her, but I do not like Laura as I used to. Probably it is because her looks so arrogant. Brittany is so embarrassed because she gets 1,5 point lower than Leila in fan's vote, plus Bryanboy looks annoyed to see Leila goes home.

This week challenge is to bring a character in game alive. The winner of the challenge will be featured in Playstation 3 game "Uncharted 3". Laura, Yvonne and Brittany do a good job and they are praised by the judge. Kristin looks too exaggerating her part in my opinion, while Victoria is praised by her acting performance, but she looks stupid because she is physically good enough for the challenge. It is too bad that they do not show full performance of Kiara, Nastasia and Allyssa. And the winner is ... Laura ! She is so happy and confident this week, I believe this week will be a good week for her.

Challenge Score :
1. Laura 9
2. Kristin 8
3. Brittany 8
4. Yvonne 8
5. Kiara 7
6. Allyssa 7
7. Victoria 6
8. Nastasia 5

It's so unusual that the winner of the challenge get 9 instead of 10. Is it probably because they do not want Laura that much, but Laura is the best among the girl ? Or maybe they want Leila ? I don't know, but it might be true since Tyra and ANTM do things mysteriously. Victoria is extremely worried because she gets the second lowest score in the bunch and she calls ... her mom ... like usual. Brittany is so frustrated because she does not win the challenge. She also states that she is obsessed to be #1, but she always be second or third in photoshoots and challenges. Tyra Mail ! via P'trique again. Oh gosh, I don't think his (or her) existence is important, I don't feel entertain by her. Please don't hire her again in the next cycle, Tyra !

The theme for the photoshoot this week is Steampunk. It means Victorian + 19th century mechanic and they will have an owl as their co-star. Laura is the first. She nails it ! She is gorgeous, but ... again she is too confident and arrogant in my opinion. If she is nicer, she will be everyone's favorite. Next is Brittany, she looks scary in a good way. Nastasia is struggle and she looks even shorter than she actually is. She is warned by Tyra about that matter. If she can't fix it, her time is about to come. Kiara's pose is quite good, but she looks too masculine. Allyssa is a little bit struggle, but I think she is quite good. Kristin is bitching one more time ! This time because she is too scared with that owl. Yvonne looks boring in the photoshoot and she annoys Bryanboy with her bad attitude. If you show your bad attitude in front of judges, you just book your ticket to go home. Don't you know that, Yvonne ? Victoria prepares the back story for her photoshoot and she has a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story. Jhonny and Mike seem not want to hear that. After the photoshoot, Yvonne comes to Bryan Boy one more time apologize, but the problem is not finished yet. I'm pretty sure that Bryanboy will bring that into panel.

The Judging :
K : 6
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 6

I love her leg position, but her left hand and her face are weak.
K : 8
T : 7
R : 6

Mine : 8

I love this picture. It's simple and gorgeous.
K : 7
T : 8
R : 6

Mine : 8

This is the first time that Kristin does her ugly pretty and it works !
K : 7
T : 9
R : 5

Mine : 5

I can't believe Tyra will give her that high ! Her face is boring and dead + she looks short.
K : 5
T : 6
R : 7

Mine : 5

She looks boring and her body doesn't look good.
K : 8
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 8

I love everything, except her awkward right hand.
K : 6
T : 10
R : 9

Mine : 9

Kelly, how dare you give Brittany this low ?!? She is GORGEOUS !
K : 10
T : 10
R : 10

Mine : 10


The Elimination :
1. Laura 46.2 (Fan Vote :7.16)
2. Brittany 39.1 (Fan Vote : 6.07)
3. Allyssa 35.7 (Fan Vote : 5.69)
4. Kristin 33.9 (Fan Vote : 4.88)
5. Kiara 32.8 (Fan Vote : 4.82)
6. Nastasia 31.8 (Fan Vote : 5.84)
7. Victoria 31.7 (Fan Vote : 4.7)
8. Yvonne 30.5 (Fan Vote : 4.48)

My Elimination :
1. Laura 56.2
2. Brittany 48.1
3. Allyssa 43.7
4. Kristin 41.9
5. Victoria 39.7
6. Kiara 38.8
7. Nastasia 36.8
8. Yvonne 35.5

I agree with the elimination, but I'm surprised when Victoria is in the bottom two. I think it will be Nastasia and Yvonne. I hope Kiara will be the next girl who join Leila and the girls.

Next Week : Road Trip ! Victoria is sick and calls her mom like crazy as usual.

Comeback Series :
Mine : 8

I love this picture, but I hope Jessie can do more complex pose.
Mine :4

Boring, boring and boring.
Mine : 5

A little bit better than Darian, but she still looks the same in every shot. The tragic is she does not look good in every shot.
Mine : 7

Not a great shot of her, she can do so much better than this.

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