Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Review] The Cabin in the Woods (2012) : Nightmare Comes True

Director : Drew Goddard
Casts : Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Huthison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams

"Don't watch the trailer, don't try to find out anything about this film". That is what people said about The Cabin in the Woods. I watched the trailer once long time ago, but I forget about the content. After watching the film, I watched it again and I agree with them, the trailer spoils quite much and potentially reduce the fun. It is quite hard to make a synopsis without giving a 'teaser'. Cinema's synopsis in my country also gives a little spoiler about it. Luckily, I read it after I watched it. Here is my only 'clue' about this film :
"A group of five people go to a cabin in remote area, but there is an evil plan that is waiting for them"

Joss Whedon, who is successfully writing and directing Avengers, is the scriptwriter and the producer for this film. This film finished the production a long time ago, I heard that it is finished even Chris Hemsworth is still nobody in this industry. They postponed the release because they want to release it in 3D, but they canceled it. So, it only has 2D version only.

As it is displayed on the poster, you can not guess what will happen next. After you think the story will goes this way, but it does not ! All you can do is just watch and enjoy the story. I, as the person who do not watch the trailer before, am confused about the opening scene. "Am I in the right studio ?" Later, the opening scene will be connected with the storyline. Although it is intriguing and interesting, it has some questionable parts. Since this is a horror film and unpredictable, it makes sense why they left some cases unanswered. This film also gives some black humours which are not slapsticks. There are also some unexpected and shocking moment in this film. You will be surprised most of the time. There are some parts of this film will be look good if it is in 3D.

Overall, this film is interesting and enjoyable. This film will satisfy horror fans who are hungry for unpredictable story and twist. This is definitely one of my favorite movie this year. So :
1. do not watch the trailer
2. do not try to find out anything about this film, including reading the synopsis
3. watch it in cinema and enjoy !

You think you know the story ?

Overall : 8.5/10

- you like horror film

- you do not like to think hard about the film

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