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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 11 : (Will) ANTM makes (Their) Dream Come True (?)

The Girl Who Freaks Out on Horseback

It is opened with montages of the judges' critics of the girls. It shows that everyone can win this and at the same time, everyone can be eliminated. It also shows the girls' up and down and drama during ANTM. I think they want to expose that "dream come true" thingy. Leila is very happy of Kristin elimination, especially she is in the bottom two with Laura. Leila asks Kiara to join her in Tyra Suite ? What ? Leila and Kiara ? Kiara is a good friend of Nastasia from the beginning and now she is a "good" friend of Leila. Laura calls her mom and tells her how stressful the competition is. She misses her mom a lot and wants to meet her soon. This is kinda tricky because the girl who misses home the most will be eliminated in that week. Let's see what wil happen to Laura.

Challenge time ! The challenge is auditioning for commercial advertising Jamaica as holiday destination. They write their own script and deliver the line on ... the horseback in ... the ocean. Laura says that she grew up with horses and obsesses with horses. Laura is very confident, while Leila worries because she is hit by the doplhin.

Laura just speaks up her line and she does not look believable.
Leila is not a commercial girl. She starts to freak out when she can not stop her horse, but she becomes more natural in her second take.
Nastasia forgets her line. She looks natural, but her line is not good.
Kiara swears a lot and Rob hates it because you can not do it in live show. She does good in her second take.

Everyone does good in their second take. Rob says it is a tight between Kiara and Laura. The winner is ... Kiara. Kiara will be the face of Jamaica's worldwide campaign. Laura is pissed off and hates Kiara's winning like usual.

Challenge Score :
1. Kiara 9
2. Laura 8
3. Leila 6
4. Nastasia 6

Leila and Nastasia are disappointed with their challenge score. I agree with Nastasia's score, but I think Leila should get higher score, at least 7. She does quite good job. Does Kiara start to betray Nastasia ? Kiara tries to cheer Leila up by saying that Leila should get better picture and she WILL get a higher social media score than Nastasia. I agree with that statement, but it just shows that you know support Leila than Nastasia. Kiara, you should be neutral at least. It will make you look a frenemies for Nastasia. TYRA MAIL ! Ups, it is P'trique again. Please Tyra, please, do not hire P'trique in cycle 20. There is Dream Come True perfume, so the photoshoot will be for Dream Come True's ad.

Nastasia does a good-but-not-great job, her photo is not phenomenal.
Leila shows sadness in her pictures. Jhonny does not like it, but I like it !
Kiara looks too happy, but I love her face.
Laura looks too posey and sexy, absolutely not a Dream Come True ad.

Leila, Laura and Nastasia worries about judging panel because they do not think that they nail, while (FOR THE FIRST TIME) Kiara is very confident about panel.

The Judging :
K : 8
T : 8
R : 9

Mine : 9

Love it ! Simple, but GORGEOUS !
K : 7
T : 8
R : 9

Mine : 9

First time I saw it, I would say "PICTURE OF THE WEEK", but I think this photo stands out because the other girls mess up.
K : 9
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 7

It is commercial, but boring at the same time.
K : 7
T : 7
R : 8

Mine : 8

I like it. It is fresh and a little bit sporty. Unfortunately, it does not match the brief.

The Elimination :
1. Kiara 39 (Fan Vote : 6.005)
2. Leila 37.1 (Fan Vote : 6.110)
3. Laura 35.8 (Fan Vote : 5.836)
4. Nastasia 35.5 (Fan Vote : 5.527)

My Elimination :
1. Kiara 48
2. Leila 46.1
3. Laura 43.8
4. Nastasia 42.5

Tyra announces that next will be will be the final and the finalists will walk in never-before-runway. I am starting to guess what the runway will be. I just did not predict that Kiara will be the finalist. I thought it would be Laura, Leila and Nastasia. I just hope that Kiara will not win this because it will dissapoint more fans and ANTM will lose their viewer more.


Comeback Series :
Mine : 4
Her worst photo so far.
Mine : 4

Her body is good, but her face is a mess.
Mine : 3
Mine : 8
My favorite photo of Yvonne. She looks gorgeous and so does her body.
Mine : 7
She is pretty and cute (period).
Mine : 7
Her face is too tense, but I don't know why, I just like it.
Mine : 9
It is terribly photoshopped, but it is a great picture !
Mine : 7
She is pretty and that's all.

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