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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 12 : America's Next Top Model Is... Kiara ? Laura ? or Leila ?

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model

The season finale this cycle is quite different with previous cycles. It opens with Tyra on the runway and gives narration. She leads us to see behind the scene and the Nine West photoshoot. All of the eliminated girls come to the runway and they will walk on the runway. ANTM cycle 18 winner, Sophie Sumner will open the runway.

Nine West Photoshoot
Laura gives great poses, but she does not sell the shoes. She starts to be fiercer and it works ! There is an accident during her session : Kelly Cutrone and Jez Smith, the photographer are having argument. Kelly overdirects Laura and Jez is not happy about that. Laura worries and upsets. Kelly is super annoying and Jhonny is on Kelly's side. I feel Jhonny is useless during this cycle. Bring back Jay Manuel !

Leila also gives great poses, but she does not sell the shoes, but based on their comments, they like Leila.

Kiara's look is really boring. She does not do anything, she does not use her body. She does not sell anything to me.

Laura is so Nylon, especially she wins Nylon's challenge few weeks ago. She is the best for Nylon in my opinion.
Kiara is too fake and exaggerate her emotion too much. I do not like her. Please Tyra, do not let her win.

Leila serves you a girl next door look. It works, but I think she is still too high fashion for Nylon. She should appear on Vogue, not Nylon. However, the editor loves her and thinks that she is the best for Nylon.

Tyra gives the girls a SURPRISE ! Tyra brings their important person (or people) to Jamaica to meet them. Laura gets her parents, Kiara gets her grandma, and Leila gets her mother.

There is a short film before the runway starts and it kind explains the runway. The film is about Rob and three other girls come to a house. Sophie in ghost version is the house owner and asks Rob to follow her. She takes Rob from the girls, but she sees the girls and kill them literally. They become ghost and ask for revenge (?).

Sophie opens the runway. She is stunning and gorgeous as usual.

Kristin serves mean girl look, while Nastasia gives a boring look.

Laura shows her good-but-not-great walk. I think she had a great walk, but she is getting weaker and weaker in the past few weeks.

Kiara is so much better than Laura. She has more energy and she conquers the runway ! She has the best walk among the three.

Leila slips on the stairs, but she recovers and can handle it. We can see her leg is hurt. And ...  she slips again on the edge of the runway. Poor Leila, she might not win because of this. If she has greater walk, the judges will forget her mistakes. Unfortunately, she has the weakest walk of the three.

Yvonne's walk is boring. Darian and Allyssa gives sexy runway walk. Brittany is surprisingly very hot !

Judging :
The America's Next Top Model is based on judges' score of their performance in this entire cycle + average fan vote + average challenge score. I think it is fair enough. May the best girl wins !

Runway Comments :
Laura is awkward and she looks very commercial on the runway.

Kiara is the only one who did proper catwalk. She is the best walker by far. I hope they do not pick Kiara as the winner.

Leila is not agile because of her hands. Kelly is mad at her and does not want to her her excuse. Poor Leila, you might not win this competition because of Kelly !

Nine West Photoshoot :
The judges like it. Tyra says it is shoetooching (I do not know how to write this). I love this photo ! It is cool for Nine West Ad.
This photo disappoint Byranboy, but the fans like it. Her legs are gorgeous, but her face and body is awkward.
Kelly thinks this the best. It combines high-fashionness and commercial look. Bravo Leila ! This will turn back your chance of winning.

Comeback Series :
I understand why she does not have lots of energy. This photo means nothing to her. It is quite acceptable.
I do not know why, but I like this picture. It is her best photo so far.
Her best photo so far.
Her body is awesome.
I wish she was in the top three. This is AMAZING !
Her mean girl look works here.
It is one of the amazing photo this week. I think she should replace Kiara's place in top three.
The girl who is not America's Next Top Model is ... Leila (WHAT ?!?!?!?) with a total 35.2.
I think she should be a runner up at least. Tyra and Kelly give her 8, Rob gives 7 (WHAT THE ?). Her average of challenge score is 6.7 and her average fan vote is 5.5.

AND THE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL IS ... Tyra, please do not let Kiara win. PLEASE !
CONGRATULATION TO LAURA ! (Fiuh, thank God) with a total score 41.2. As long as it is not Kiara, I am still happy about that. Tyra and Kelly give her 9, Robe gives her 10. Her average of challenge score is 7.6 and her average fan vote is 5.6.

Kiara has a total score 36.6. Tyra gives her 7, Kelly gives her 8, Rob gives her 9. Her average of challenge score is 8.3 and her average fan vote is 4.3.

However, this is not the end (yet) of our journey. Next week there is still recap episode. I probably will recap it also. The recap for recap episode is here. On November 25, there will be Asia's Next Top Model and I will recap about that. Also, Naomi Campbell's The Face in early 2013. Last but not least, ANTM cycle 20 in summer 2013. Stay tuned !

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