Saturday, November 3, 2012

[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 10 : Finally, She Is Gone !

The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra

Kristin is annoyed by the other girls. She does not want to be friend with them. All that she wants is to beat them. Laura feels that Leila's comeback is unfair to the other girls because she does less than the other girls. However, Leila does not feel the same way as Laura. Leila feels that she works harder and deserves to comeback. I totally agree with both of them, but come on Laura. You should blame Tyra because she eliminates Leila too early.

Challenge time ! The task is to pose for Cedela Marley's swimwear with dolphins. They should be look high fashion, not a vacation.

Kiara is too sexy in her first photo and her second photo is a mess.
Nastasia is cool, but her pose in second photo is very weird.
Leila is hit by the doplhin. They stop the photoshoot for a while and go to the beach. She is scared that she will mess up her challenge score, but she nails it.
Kristin is pretty and that's it and she gives a good pose but bad face in her second photo.
Laura looks great, but I think that she is too skinny and we can see her rib clearly. Her top is down in her second photo. So, we can see her breasts are censored with ANTM logo.

These are judges' comments :
Laura is great, but she gives one look all the time.
Kristin looks like a tourist and she is connected to the dolphin.
Nastasia looks good with the setting.
Leila seems to be judges' favorite.
Kiara looks more like a video girl.

The winner is LEILA ! I have predicted her winning. She shares her spa prize with Kiara.

Challenge Score :
1. Leila 9
2. Nastasia 8
3. Kiara 7
4. Laura 6
5. Kristin 5

Kristin is bitching with her low score and she shares her negative energy to Laura. Laura does not want to hear about that anymore. Kristin says that everyone in that house is fake and she gives an example. Leila has no genuine friend in that house, but Kiara kissing her ass more today and she ends up picking Kiara to go with her to spa. What a good analysis ! I also thought about that. Leila is more individual, while Kiara is very close to Nastasia. TYRA MAIL ! What ? P'Trique appears again. I thought P'Trique is no longer in ANTM and I am wrong about that. The clue for the photoshoot is "fall".

The theme for this photoshoot is waterfall warrior and each of girl will get a specific type of warrior. The photographer for today is Tyra. Tyra says that place is the place when she shoot her first swimsuit and she will pick one photo to put it in her house. Is it HUGE ? No ! It will be HUGE if Tyra can put one of these girls' photo on the billboard.

Nastasia is pipe warrior. She can not hear what Tyra says, but she starts to find her good pose.
Kiara is metal warrior. Hers poses is boring, but her face is strong and Tyra likes her.
It is a bad week for Laura. She is shell warrior. She can not get a good pose and good face. Tyra is so disappointed with her.
Kristin is fabric warrior. Her face is gorgeous, but she has difficulty with her clothes.
Leila is wood warrior. She nails it ! H2T !

The Judging :
K : 8
T : 9
R : 9

Mine : 7

A little bit boring. She looks like that she is on a basketball match in a waterfall.
K : 7
T : 8
R : 9

Mine : 5

Are you kidding me ? How come the judges do not give this photo and other photos less than 7 ? This is boring ! It does not deserve a seven.
K : 10
T : 10
R : 10

Mine : 10

SHE NAILS IT ! H2T checked. Booty tooch checked. Smize checked. THE BEST OF PHOTO OF THIS CYCLE SO FAR.
K : 7
T : 9
R : 8

Mine : 9 - 1 = 8

I love this photo, but when I see her eyes, I decided to give it an eight.
K : 9
T : 10
R : 10

Mine : 7

This is Kiara's strongest photo, but I am not crazy about it.

Kristin is annoyed with Leila and Kiara's happiness. Kiara is very happy because the judges and fans love her. Kristin confronts Kiara because of Kiara's lack of respect to the other girls who worry about their place in competition.

The Elimination :
1. Leila  46.4 (Fan Vote : 7.428)
2. Kiara 42.2 (Fan Vote : 6.184)
3. Nastasia 40.3 (Fan Vote : 6.3)
4. Laura 35.9 (Fan Vote : 5.909)
5. Kristin 34.0 (Fan Vote : 4.978)

My Elimination :
1. Leila 56.4
2. Kiara 49.2
3. Nastasia 47.3
4. Kristin 42.0
5. Laura 40.9

Kiara's photo will be hanging in Tyra's house. After elimination, Kristin does not hug Leila and Kiara. Wow, she is totally a mean girl. I actually wanted Kiara to be eliminated now and Kristin's time is next week, but I do not have big problem with her elimination since she is only a pretty but mean girl.

Next Week : Auditioning for commercial ! Leila is scared of horse ! Dream Come True !

Comeback Series :
Mine : 8

Mine : 8

I am totally surprised with this shot ! It is her best so far.
Mine : 6

I want to like it, but her eyes are sleepy.
Mine : 3

The worst photo in the bunch !
Mine : 7

I love the moment and the splash, not her face.
Mine : 7

She is cute and pretty, but it is just not her best shot.
Mine : 8

I love the action and the face.


  1. Ugh! I was disgusted to see that one of the wicked witch mean girls - Laura - just won. (The other one is Kristin of course.)

    Leila is SUCH a better model and much more beautiful. Even if Kiara had won it would have been OK. But to have picked someone who has acted in such an ugly spoiled way was a horrible choice.

    Personally, I won't buy anything else from SmashBox or NineWest until the year ends and they get rid of the mean girl model.

    1. Im totally agree with you , always win the worst girls almost always



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