Sunday, November 18, 2012

[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 13 : This Is (Not) The End of Our Journey

The Girl With The Best Top Model Freakout

Oops, my bad that I do not realize the recap episode is also aired today. Stay tuned next week because I will recap Asia's Next Top Model ! Prepare for it Top Model fans. So, this recap is about the countdown of the freakout and before seen footage. This recap also asks some stupid questions about the judges and contestants.

Top Ten Freakouts Countdown :
10. Leila is crying on the horseback.
9. Maria vs Kelly Cutrone during the makeover.
8. Kiara vs Darian because Kiara wants to sleep, but Darian is too loud.
7. Leila vs Laura, talking about obsession.
6. Yvonne's behaviour annoys Bryanboy.
5. Kristin vs Destiny in the earlier episode.
4. Victoria's "leave me alone" during Tyler Perry's challenge.
3. Kristin's "bitch shut up" showdown.
2. Victoria (in)famous phone call to her mama.
1. Kelly vs Jez in the finale !

BONUS : Tyra's acting in judging panel. A bonus ? Really ?
What you did not see (yet) :
- In the first photoshoot, Kiara cries when she gets her hair styled. It is her first time to get her hair styled.
- Darian talks about if Kiara does not have that weave, she will not look like a model. The irony is Darian also gets a weave ! The computer effect points to her weave.
- There is an impromptu practice before acting challenge. Victoria gets a story about her fiancee is in love with her brother. Leila gets a story about her boyfriend is having sex with her mom.
- Attack of The Arachnids ! Spider is everywhere in the house !
- Everyone upsets when Allyssa is eliminated and Kristin blames Victoria for Allyssa's elimination. No wonder why she is notorious.
- Rob takes the girls to have fun in Jamaica. Kiara and Corry are "dating". Victoria wants to have her me-time, but Bobby "disturbs" her.
- The Top Four hangs out with the local and tries some local food. Nastasia is overthinking the food. She leads the pray before eating. So, they can eat without getting disease after that.

Stay tuned ! Read my movie reviews or wait for my recap for Asia's Next Top Model. See ya !

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