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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 7 : Helena vs Melissa (and Sofia)

Beauty for a Cause
First of all, I want to apologize once again because I missed the first few minutes of this episode. So, I start with what I watched. The girls get a lesson about different make up look with Joey and Karen. Melissa makes a not about the tutorial. I like Melissa's attitude. She knows that she is the girl with least potential among the Top 7 and she needs to step it up to survive to Top 6. Her attitude brings her to Top 7 and I do not know how far her good attitude will save her from elimination.


After having a tutorial, they get challenge. The challenge is to recreate runway look for Autumn/Winter 2012 with MAC cosmetic. They only have 15 minutes to do that. Stephanie is nervous, while Sofia does well and gives advice to Kate. Kate chooses to share mirror with Sofia because she thinks Sofia is the best and she can copy her make up. While they are doing their make up, Joey and Karen talk about some girls. Karen thinks that Helena has good eyes and she loves Helena's make up. Karen also likes Sofia's make up and her quickness. Melissa is kinda mess, she gets pink face and it makes her so old looking. Time's up and it is time for judges' comment. Karen thinks that Sofia's make up is very nice, while Melissa looks pale and her face is too reddish. Karen thinks that Helena's make up fits her, but the winner is Sofia.

She gets armand ritual spa treatment for her prize and she invites Kate to join her. Kate is still funny. She does not know that she is picked by Sofia and when she realizes, she gives funny face. Kate asks who is the runner up of the challenge and it is Helena. Helena is pissed off and she feels that she is deserved to win. I know Kate does that only to tease Helena. Kate looks happy to see Helena's expression as the runner up.

There is a box that is delivered to the house and it is for Sofia. Aastha, Helena and Stephanie open it and decide to hide her additional prize, while Sofia and Kate enjoy the spa. They put random things to the box. Sofia sees the box on her bed. She does not expect extra prize. She laughs when she sees the fake prize. The fake prize consists of toilet paper and slipper. Aastha gives her the real present and those are jeans, black shoes, and black bandage dress. Suddenly, Sofia changes into different person and says that is rude to open it without her permission. I think it is okay to open, but it is not okay to change the present :p

Nadya Mail ! It is about skin deep and back to basic. Helena thinks that might be nude photoshoot for skin cancer. She also says that she is not confident because she just eats a lot. Melissa worries if the next photoshoot will be no make up because she does not have a good skin. It is weird that Helena does not confident with nude shoot. In first episode, she said that she had nude shoot for four or five times. Does she try to fake it or what ?

Photoshoot time ! Nadya is also there in photoshoot. Melissa and Stephanie worry with Nadya because she usually appears in the panel only. This week photoshoot is for WWF. The theme is natural. Helena says that she worked a lot for WWF. Yes Helena, YES. I do not believe in you. The girls will wear dress from Edward Hutabarat from Indonesia and they will be shot by celebrity photographer, Kevin Ou. The best photograph this week will be in auction for WWF. Kate is very excited and imagines "Kate Ma for WWF". There will be no necklace and no earrings, flower is the only accessory for the photoshoot. Elaine Tan, CEO of WWF also watch the photoshoot. Nadya replaces Joey or Daniel's job for today.

Stephanie feels good when she sees Nadya smiles because she knows that she takes good picture, but Nadya thinks that she needs to relax more.
Kate is only connected when she opens her eyes. Nadya has issue with her magic hand. She tries to think Tinkerbell during photoshoot.
Jessica looks natural. She looks beautiful. Aastha thinks she will nail this photoshoot because nature is her element. Jessica reveals her love to environment with her mispronounce of environment. It sounds very funny.
Aastha's shoes is too small and it affects her. She gives bad leg position and does not look natural.
Sofia's smiles look forced. She has difficulty with her dress. She looks awkward and does not feel comfortable.
Melissa tries really hard. She gives different poses, but the photographer does not feel anything. Nadya feels that she looks like if she is lost in forest.
Helena says in the beginning that she worked a lot for WWF, but the photographer thinks that she gives typical model poses. She holds herself not to look too sexy, but Nadya feels that she is stiff. The photographer asks her to be less posey. After the photoshoot, she complains and starts to cry.

Melissa asks Helena how is her shoot. Both of them look fake to each other. Melissa says that she has good shoot. The girls are back. Melissa, Kate and Sofia talk about the photoshoot. Melissa tells them Helena acts like as if she will be going home because of bad photoshoot. Helena comes to them and confronts Sofia. Sofia thinks that Helena is acting and says that she does not believe anyone in the house. Helena thinks Sofia look nice outside, but she is mean inside. Helena feels hurt with Sofia. Helena is ready to see someone goes home, but not her.

Judging Panel :
The guest judges are Elaine Tan, the CEO of WWF and Kevin Ou, celebrity photographer.

Stephanie nails it. Kevin thinks that she does a good job and Elaine thinks her photo looks natural.

Kate likes her photo. Nadya says her hand is all over the place and she needs to control her crazy hand. Nadya also says that this photo is a lucky photo. Todd loves her face in this shot.

Melissa is too serious in this photo. Nadya feels that she needs to look more believable. Kevin does not really connect with her. Todd thinks that her photo is awkward, flat and blank.

Sofia feels her photo is not that great. Nadya spots that she loses one arm and neck. Todd feels that she goes down the hill from top to bottom. Elaine feels that she is detached from environment.

Jessica looks more confident than before. Nadya says that her love to nature shows in the shot. Kevin thinks that she nails it and she is belong in this shot. This is Elaine's personal favorite shot. Her photo is gorgeous. She is the only one who gets extra bird in photograph.

Aastha is spotted by Nadya for losing one hand. That shot is the shot with best feet. She has some shots with beautiful face, but her feet is bad. Todd feels that this is her weakest shot.

Helena is spotted by Nadya for crying after the photoshoot. She says that it is not because of the photoshoot, but it is because of bad shoulder. Nadya says that this is one of one her good shot. She looks scared, disoriented and disconnected. She keeps saying that she tries to calm, but Kevin feels that her calmness does not show. Todd does not believe in her story, but he feels that is a catalogue shot.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... Jessica. Finally ! She deserves to get that. Congratulations, Jess !
Too bad that the quality is very bad. They also cut the photos :(
2. Stephanie (I agree !)
3. Kate
4. Aastha
5. Sofia

Wow, this bottom two is quite interesting. To be honest, I want to see Melissa survives for another week. I want to Helena's expression if Melissa stays instead of her. However, I feel that this is the time for Melissa.

Who stays ? The girl with some potential, but she has bad attitude ? Or the best student in class, but she does not stand out ?

Helena gets a preach from Nadya, but she keeps gives angry face.

6. Helena
7. Melissa

Nadya asks her to shake off her negativity, but Helena can not say anything. What ? Where is my dramatic moment (read : Helena's panic attack) ?

Finally, it shows Helena's panic attack for a moment and it continues with next week preview.

Next Week : Helena's breaking point ! Helena's attitude is still in question ! Someone also falls in the photoshoot ! I think it will be Kate.

After seeing the photos once again, I feel the dress does not really match with the theme. The batik thing does not match with nature, it is more "ethnic" than "nature". Moreover, the dress material does not look good, it looks like plastic. Stephanie's outfit is the only two piece outfit looks weird, especially her top. I think it will be better if the outfit for this photoshoot is long dress with basic color, such as green, white etc. The editing does not look that great and it looks fake. I hope the real photograph is so much better than the uploaded photo in facebok. What do you think ?

You can watch it here.

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