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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 11 : Recap-ception

Recap & Highlights

This will be the shortest recap ever. This episode is a recap episode. So, it will be very weird if I do a recap of a recap episode. So, I will only write about the never before seen footages.


Episode 2 : Adam and Joey rewatch and rejudge the previous runway challenge. Adam realizes how much Monica likes herself, just like he likes himself. Before leaving, Monica brings craziness and fun to the house. She becomes clown and entertains the girls.

Episode 6 : The girls do weird thing. It is like they are holding each other hand to feel something that I do not really understand. Helena has a phone call with her boyfriend and tells how much she misses him. The most interesting part is Kate's phone call with her boyfriend. Kate is very talkative. Her phone calls is hillarious ! You guys should watch that.

Episode 8 : After having a breaking point, Joey comes to Helena to give shoulder to cry on.

Episode 9 : Helena tries to reenact the judges and entertains the girls.

Episode 10 : Joey gives a surprise by serving first class meal by celebrity chef, Emmanuel Stroobant. Joey shares her stories and experiences during dinner.

There are only five never before seen footages in this recap episode. This recap episode is very boring. I think you can skip this episode.

Let's go back to our Top 4 ! Daniel comes to the house and gives advices and tips about how the girls should dress for casting. Kate has a feeling that Daniel has a secret. She guess that they will be going somewhere. She is very confident about that. Kate expects to see herself in London's street. Ha ha you wish !

Next Week : Biggest surprise ! A chest with Buddha statue ! I am sure 100% that they will go to Hong Kong next week. See ya !

You can watch it here.


  1. Agreed! Boring episode indeed! Can't wait til next week... After watching the episode, it makes me miss Monica, though. She's hot and something tells me she could reach Jessica's level if not because of her dad's health. Oh well... I wonder if it's true about Stephanie and Jessica being the finalists.
    Everyone seems to say that. What do you think?

    And why is everyone so sure that it is Hong Kong? The statue looks kinda Thai-influenced if you ask me...

    1. Yes ! I love Monica too. Her Prada for Harper's Bazaar was great. She stood out. Unfortunately, something bad happened. However, I doubt that she is a high fashion kinda girl. She is more sexy bombshell and commercial girl IMO. Moreover, her walk was terrible as long as I can remember.

      I think you already know my dream team for Top 3. If I judge based on their potential and performance in this show, I will say that Top 2 should be Jessica and Sofia. Sofia is the full package model, while Jessica starts to be versatile. If Stephanie becomes finalist, I am *beyond* SPEECHLESS. I also have a speculation that might be three finalist instead of two.

      See this and look "Official Overseas Hotel Partner". Too bad that they spoiled it from long time ago :p

      Last but not least, if you give comment in my post, I will reply it and I am very open to have more conversation and talk about it by you replying my comment again in the future :)

  2. I think Jessica is deserved to win this cycle. She nailed it. She has landed in the bottom two yet. I think her runway walk is quite good as well. She has improving and keep winning (4 straight photo wins and 2 challenge wins). I have never noticed her much until recently. Maybe because of her shy personality. I think if she become more confident, she can be success even outside of this competition.
    As for Stephanie, I think she should have gone home, rather than Aastha or the girl I dislike, Helena. Her performance give much to make that conclusion - no photo win, no challenge win, keep landing in the bottom two. I cant believe why some people keep editing the wiki page to state she was the winner. They give the evidence of a photo in which Tyra hugged Stephanie with Jessica besides. I already knew that scene from ep.1 and as I watched, all of girls would return to make the final walk, and even more, it seemed that they all greeted Tyra together.
    As for the rest of top2, I feel indifferent between Kate and Sofia. Kate has great personality and she also keep improving, although not strong and stable like Jessica did. Sofia has the look of a true model. Her runway walking is the best among the current bunch. Her performance in photos and challenges is quite good, but not stable.

    1. Do you know that someone wrote on wiki yesterday ? It stated that Stephanie will get her first call-out and Kate will be eliminated in episode 12. People also keep saying that Jessica and Stephanie are the finalist and Stephanie wins. I know there are other people there, but I am not sure who they are. I only notica Jessica and Stephanie. It happens in backstage, so it is not the announcement of the winner. I think people who keep saying Stephanie will be one of the finalists are Stephanie's fans. If you notice, comments that support Stephanie in Asia's Next Top Model facebook get tons of likes. Finger cross for my dream team of Top 3. If Stephanie wins this cycle without any big improvement, this show will lose its credibility too fast.

    2. As far as I know, the wiki page keeps being edited again and again. However, Stephanie gets the most times of being the winner as people believe in the picture of Tyra hugging Stephanies and Jessica besides. However, if you go back to ep.1, you will see all girls returned and participated in the final runway, and there was a scene where all of them showed excitement to meet someone, I believed it was Tyra. However, only the scene in which Tyra hugged Stephanie was shown, thus leading fans to believe in that top 2 as only top 2 participated in the final runway and meeting and hugging Tyra in the traditional ANTMs (except cycle 19, all girls attended but only top 3 meeting and hugging Tyra was shown). But I believed in Asia's NTM, all girls will meet Tyra, rather than just top 2 or 3.

      About Stephanie, even she topped the two last photoshoots (maybe) and challenges, I dont think she would win because the judges will consider their whole portfolio in evaluation, not just the recent photos. And it doesnt look like Jessica would fail miserably in the last photoshoots. If Stephanie win this cycle, this show is just a failed scripted.

      For the next elimination, I think it will be Sofia. recently, I have watched a leaked scene of TRESemme commercial on youtube where only Stephanie, Jessica, and Kate showed up. Here is it:

    3. You can see and Melissa and Filantropi also appear on that commercial. You will see two videos from the same user that shows Kate and Stephanie individually in two different videos. It's just TRESemme, it is not one of the prizes. So, Stephanie and Kate might book TRESemme outside the competition.

      Most of spoiler seekers predict that it will be Sofia's time next episode because Kate has a Harper's Bazaar cover shot. As I stated long time ago, if Stephanie wins, it is planned from long time ago.

      I think the finalist will go back to Singapore to do final runway. The eliminated girls might also walk in that runway and Tyra comes to the runway. It makes sense for me.

    4. thanks for the videos. It is weird because the last scene of them even showed the logo of Asia's NTM. I guess that the producers planned some commercials for all girls at the end of the competition.

      Talking about booking, I was expecting there would be booking challenge where the girls went to designers' showroom. Quite disappointed since I see that kind of challenges is more realistic with different views other than the judges. Recent challenges are boring.

    5. Do you mean go-see challenge that the girls go to some designer in a limited time ? Let's hope there will be one go-see challenge in Hong Kong in the next episode :)



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