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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 12 : *SPEECHLESS*

HK Explorations
Sofia and Kate are eager to break Jessica's best photo record. Sofia expects Aastha to stay instead of Stephanie. Aastha leaves a letter for the girls and she leaves a little bit naughty message for Kate. She tells that Kate sometimes annoys people with her behaviour and Kate asks Sofia about that. Shockingly, Sofia says yes and it makes Kate feels sad.

The girls go to Hong Kong ! The stay at The Mira and Jessica gets a spa treatment because of her winning photo last episode. The other girls get flowers. Kate asks Jessica to help and teach her. It is kinda weird to see the final four splits into two groups; Jessica and Kate, Sofia and Stephanie. Sofia and Stephanie want to try jacuzzi, but Kate refuses to join them because she still remembers what Sofia says to her. Kate enjoys her own spa and records it to show it to Jessica. Jessica teaches her more and Jessica is happy when she can make someone becomes more confident because of her.

Casting time ! Or we know it as go-sees. They will go in group in no limited time. I think it makes the go-see becomes less interesting than ANTM's.

Shanghai Tang
Jessica is too soft for the brand
Kate is a little vulgar
Stephanie does not look elegant because she jumps a little bit, but she gets better when she gets feedback
Sofia has quite good walk and her face is interesting, but she is too tall for the brand
Stephanie is booked !

Starz People (foaming facial commercial)
Sofia has a great potential
Stephanie needs to be more subtle
Jessica shows her good acting
Kate is very photogenic and her commercial is strong
Kate and Jessica are booked !

Kate is too sexy
Stephanie does not get any feedback
Jessica knows how to communicate with the audience and she is approachable
Sofia is not that approachable
Jessica is booked !

Daydream Nation
Sofia's walk is not that playful
Stephanie suits with the brand
Kate is brilliant for print, but she is not that natural for walk
Jessica is flexible and has a lot of potential
Stephanie and Jessica are booked !

Jessica is too shy to look romantic
Stephanie does not show elegant in her poses
Sofia's edgy is outgoing and likable
Kate gives variation in her poses
Kate is booked !

Jessica is the winner of the challenge with three booked jobs. She gets a two night stay in Hotel Mira. Kate and Stephanie book two jobs, while Sofia books none. It is kinda weird to see Sofia book none because I think she is the most modelesque girl in the bunch.

The theme for the photoshoot is 1920 inspired modern Chinese screen goddesses. They will wear dress from Shanghai Tang. The photographer is Hakan Celebi who is the photographer for their Chinese Zodiac.

Jessica blows Daniel away with her photoshoot. She lives in her own world and she is not distracted with people in the streets, even though the street is quite crowded.

Stephanie looks nervous and stiff, even though there is almost no people in her location. She books her spot for bottom two again.

Kate should not use her left hand because her hand starts to be crazy. So, she decides to hold a pole and works it ! The photographer feels improvement from Kate.

Sofia needs to work with the dress. The photographer does not satisfy with the bending of her body.

Judging Panel :
The guets judge for this week is supermodel Cara G.

Jessica is enjoy to watch in Daniel's opinion. Todd thinks that she does excellent job, but her film is not that good. Cara feels her photo is high fashion.

Stephanie's photo is weak in Nadya's opinion. Cara loves her sad look in the photo. Daniel thinks that her beauty saves the shot. Todd feels her photo is boring.

Sofia is back to the old Sofia who does not give good body position in Daniel's opinion. Nadya feels her photo is awkward. Todd likes how she tries not letting the whole photo messes up. Cara does not see expression in her face.

Kate has another side beside crazy Kate. Daniel sees sophisticated Kate in her photo. Todd feels that she is chameleon.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... KATE ! WELL DESERVED !

2. Jessica

Who stays ? The girl who walks and dresses like a model but whose photos are boring ? Or The statuesque girl but she is not consistent ?

Another predicted bottom two. Seriously, I do not know what's in the judges mind if she spares Stephanie once again in her four bottom two appearance in a row. It make sense quite a bit since Sofia books none in the go-sees. If she stays and wins, it is just ... I am totally speechless. You know how I do not expect that. SERIOUSLY WITH FIVE BOTTOM TWO APPEARANCE AND FOUR OF THEM ARE IN A ROW WITH NO BEST PHOTO ?

3. Stephanie
4. Sofia

Sofia is very disappointed and frustated. She does not expect to be eliminated because she thinks that she is stronger than most of the other girls.

Next Week : Season Finale ! Jessica cries ! Tyra and the eliminated girls are in final runway !

You can watch it here.


  1. yes broo, i think if step is the winner i feel something wrong is happen, just look in america's ntm never i've seen in bottom two almost fivetimes but still survive, and in the others bintm, ausntm if you already in bottom two for threetimes you get eliminated no more mercy,i hope it will be kate or jessica is the winner who definitely improve very well in their journey in this competetion, oh and you said that Miss Smize my loves Tyra will be in the final episode, ohh i'm gonna watching it, i'm so happy to see her and other elimination girl is comeback, but where are the photos broo for this episode 12 ?, thanks a lot love it, :D

    1. Even Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model let the girl without best photo to win twice ! Oh, I'm sorry. It is because the AsiasNTM admin in facebook did not upload the photos yesterday :P

    2. oh yes broo, do you know when america's ntm cycle 20 is start?, it's cool because fight between boys and girls, even if i prefer just only for boys cycle,but it's awesome, and if you know tell me nd i'm ready to see your recap soon, can't wait :p

    3. Based on what I heard, it is scheduled to air around summer, but I do not hear further news about that. Yeah ! I think boys cycle sounds more fresh than mix it with girls. The changes just makes ANTM to be similar with Make Me a Supermodel. Yeay ! Thanks for your loyalty. By the way, are you my loyal reader of my blog since ANTM 19 recap ? :)

    4. ur welcome, and no i just know your blog after asiantm, and i see you have a pic of america'sntm cycle 19 that girls being eliminated that showed in comeback series, cause i can't find anywhere nd surprise voila i've got that all in your blog with your recap,if i know before i'll be always in this blog of yours but i'm late, so thanks so much cause i love americantm since cycle 1 until now and all ntm in the world i'm a big fans of it, too obsess right,haaahaa never mind that's me, i promise to always see your blog nd recap for more, fun dabby do siie :D

    5. Hi Agung, I've just got a good news for you. Meet the cast of ANTM Cyle 20 on February 20. That means next week :D You can see the news here :

  2. What a greatly "convincing" way to make a 1st cycle of Asian version of Next Top Model franchise. Well, I guess we should not be surprised anymore if Stephanie wins this cycle.

    I was so happy the girls went abroad and there was a go-see challenge, although I must say they happened so lately. I was expected to this challenges when top 5 at least. I also wanted they went outside of Asia, rather than just moving to another Asian countries. Anyway, I was so surprised that Jessica won this challenge. I knew she had great portfolio and her walking was good, but I never thought she would win because of her shyness. She made me wrong now. More shocked that Sofia booked none.

    Actually, in ANTM cycle 10, Whitney did land in the bottom 2 4 times (LOl someone edited the wiki page, making it 6). However, not like Stephanie, she did not land CONTINUOUSLY and she did win some photos and challenges to showcase other sides of her modelling skills. LOL In the past, the judges eliminated both Jee and Filantrophi because they thought they had no room to improve, but here now, Stephanie who showed no improvement in anything, but kept receiving mercy.

    1. YES ! I agree with you. The main problem is not that Stephanie does not get best photo at all or Stephanie is in the bottom two as much as Whitney. In my opinion, the main problem is Stephanie's poor performance. Letitia, the winner of BINTM Cycle 8, did not get best photo at all, but she keeps maintaining her good performance, even though I prefer Emma, the runner-up to win.

      I was surprised that Stephanie booked two jobs for runway and Sofia booked none. It might be planned to use designer for go-see that are more girl next door and commercial, like Stephanie than edgy and fierce, like Sofia.

      I hope the girls who deserved to stay longer than Stephanie can be more successful outside because winning Asia's Next Top Model does not guarantee them 100% to be success in the industry.

    2. Yes, if compared between a girl who wins many photos but also landing in the bottom 2 many times and a girl who never win any photo but keeping being in the top5, I definitely picked the latter because her skill and performance are more stable. For outside career of all the girls, I wish best lucks for them.
      I personally think ALL of them still need to improve a lot of be success internationally in the future.

      How ironic that the latest ep was aired on 1st day of the snake year based on Lunar calendar, and Sofia who had represented the "snake" of Chinese zodiac was eliminated.

      Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    3. I noticed that and happy Chinese new year too ! :)

  3. the fact that Stephanie got bookings mean that people in the industry could see that she has the potential. Kate is my bet and i guess that the judges could also see something in Stephanie that could not be seen in Filantropi and Jee and the others.

    it's funny to see posts conveying that the contest is rigged.
    i could see no reason why would they do it in the first place, the show is in its first season and ending it with questionable results would totally reap negative feedback as in totally.

    1. Hi ! Thanks for your comment. I appreciate every single comments here :) This show can be rigged by any ways. One of the examples is editing. If you see carefully from preview in the first episode, there is a sneak peek showing Jessica's movement photoshoot when she jumps IN LONG HAIR, but what we see in episode 10, Jessica was in short hair. The editing also creates people's impression of the girls. Helena was shown to be funny and nice girl in the first three episode, but after episode 3, you know what happen. So, it is just people's opinion and speculation. Hope we can appreciate other people's opinion as long as it makes sense :)

    2. thank you also for giving us posts on Asia's Next Top Model!
      every monday i always check your blog to see the pictures of the recent episode.

      i understand and respect other people's thoughts and in my previous comment maybe i just expressed what was on my mind.

      anyway, the show is about to end next week and i'm so excited!
      Kate is my bet and I also support Stephanie because i'm Filipino.
      I have seen Kate improved during the course of the show and I wish her all the best.
      The best of luck to the other ladies too!

    3. Glad you like it :D I'm rooting for my girls, Jessica and Kate. You should know that if you read my post that regularly :P I was about to do a recap of Naomi Campbell's The Face, but I'm too busy with college project :(

  4. glad to see a lot of people making this blog their discussion place... thanks for all the reviews so far! i enjoyed reading them all! tonight is the finale and i'm at home which means i could watch it by myself, but that doesn't mean i won't read your reviews!

    whatever the result is, i think stephanie will either 1st runner-up or 2nd runner-up, hence, becoming the bottom-2 again... how funny is that?! there's no wayyy she could win against jessica. if she does, then god knows what i'll do. probably hit my head on the wall.



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