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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 13 : The Winner of The First Ever Asia's Next Top Model is ...

Finale Runway Show
I must admit that I missed the first few minutes, but I think that there is no too important thing in the first few minutes. The girls go to Canon in Singapore to do their commercial for Canon Ixus. The theme for the commercial is day in the life of top model. Nadya is the director for the commercial.


Kate is first. Nadya makes sure that Kate follows the brief. Kate follows the brief, but she looks nervous and she needs to be more fun. In the end, she shows more energy.

Jessica says her line for a few times, but it ends good. Nadya thinks that her commercial is tiny bit posey.

Stephanie forgets her line all the time and she looks trying to remember her line. In the end, Nadya likes Stephanie's smize and she is the most calm among the girls.

The girls have their own runway show in the house with weird outfit. NADYA MAIL ! Harper's Bazaar Cover ! The girls talk about their own improvement during this competition. Kate admits that she wanted to be singer or dancer, but people around her asked her to shut up. Stephanie says that Kate should be an actress. Jessica also admits that she wants to be Hollywood star. She does not care if she is rejected as long as she tries. Jessica becomes insecure about her age because she is the oldest girl in the bunch.

The girls meet Daniel Boey and Kenneth Goh, fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. Kenneth also appeared in episode 2. He is the one with hilarious comment. Remember Filantropi the Catastrophe ?

Joey is also there, but she is in different room with Joe (Jessica's boyfriend), Kim (Stephanie's boyfriend) and Inan (Kate's brother).

Stephanie is nervous because her photoshoot with Kenneth went bad. Jessica worries about the competition, she worries if she will not win the competition and she needs to start again from the bottom. Kate becomes more nervous because she sees Jessica cries.

Kate's dress is too tight. She can not give much variation on her poses, but Kate starts to get better. Kenneth realizes that Kate tries so hard. She is really into it and she gives 120% percent in effort. After the photoshoot, Kate meets Joey and SURPRISE ! Winnerton "Inan", Kate's brother is there. They speak in Portuguese. Joey also tells Kate that Inan cried when watching her photoshoot. Kate does not expect that because her brother is in Brazil.

Stephanie does not work well with her outfit. She does not make Chanel gown looks expensive. After the photoshoot, she comes to Joey and cries because her photoshoot does not go well. SURPRISE ! Mir Kim, Stephanie's boyfriend is also there. Her boyfriend makes her calm.

Jessica feels better after she cries. She becomes focus. Joey and her boyfriend, Joe Pao-In feel her focus. Kenneth thinks that she gives the right curve for Harper's Bazaar. She gives S curve that Harper's Bazaar looking for. She also make her outfit looks very expensive. After the photoshoot, she cries when she meets Joey because she is happy. She cries harder after she sees her boyfriend. Her boyfriend gives her a bracelet as a present.

LAST NADYA MAIL ! Who will be the first ever Asia's Next Top Model ?

The girls will wear a fabulous gown by Singapore couture designer, Frederick Lee. The gown shows Asian culture. There will be also 10 guest models. The first three are Singapore model, Sarah, Bhuvana and Vivian. Next is the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 18, Sophie Sumner. And the last six girls are model from Top Model : Kyla, Filantropi, Sofia, Aastha, Trang and Helena.

Kate asks for advice from Sophie in the backstage. Kate finds her similarity in Sophie because both of them are crazy and Kate believes that they will be even more similar if Kate wins the title. There is another surprise ! TYRA BANKS. She opens the runway with her short speech. Kate's first walk is a little bit flat, while Jessica and Stephanie nail the runway. Stephanie shows glow in her eyes in her second walk, while Kate is struggling with her dress, but she still tries to give strong eyes. Jessica impresses with her decision to show the back of her gown.

After the runway, the girls meet Nadya and Tyra. Tyra notices that they have different kind of walk. Stephanie's is pure, like a baby, Jessica's is more sultry, while Kate's looks like skating. Tyra asks about their age and she notices that Jessica is the oldest girl. Tyra also sees Kate's excitement to win this competition.

Final Round of Judging :
The guest judges are Marina Farfax from Storm Model, Kenneth Goh from Harper's Bazaar and Tyra Banks, the creator of Top Model series.

Runway : Tyra thinks that her runway is spectacular. She gives sass and sweet walk, but she does not have to go with the beat of the music. Marina is impressed with her walk.
Canon commercial : Nadya thinks that she is likeable and approachable. Todd is surprised with her line and he thinks that she did a good job.
Harper's Bazaar : Nadya tells that her photo needs to be cropped. Kenneth explains more about the cropping. Tyra gives advice that she should model H2T from head to toe.

Runway : Tyra does not like her walk, but she does not hate it either. Nadya says that she is a roller skate Kate now. Kenneth feels her improvement.
Canon commercial : Marina thinks that her commercial is not believable. Todd does not see crazy Kate in the commercial.
Harper's Bazaar : Nadya thinks it is beautiful but it is not high fashion. Tyra likes that every part of her bofy doing something.

Runway : Nadya thinks her walk is dramatic. Marina feels that she is one her favorite.
Canon commercial : Nadya likes how she pays attention in every word and she feels her line. Kenneth thinks that she is likeable and it will be huge selling point that can sell anything.
Harper's Bazaar : Nadya loves the shape and her expression. Tyra loves her strong body, but she wants to see more sparkle in her eyes. Kenneth thinks that she did superbly well and the outfit looks million bucks. Nadya asks about her age and why she did not start earlier. She tells her story. She did modelling for part time to pay for tuition fee.

Deliberation :
Marina thinks that she is beautiful, but she is not high fashion. Todd adds that she is stronger in her character and he sees her as car model. Tyra thinks that Kate is sexy girl, Victoria's Secret like. Kenneth adds that she is similar with Miranda Kerr, but her face is not enough to be Miranda Kerr. Tyra thinks that she is Asian Kate Upton.

Nadya loves her face, but Todd does not see progression in her. She does well in runway, but her character does not translate in her shoot. Tyra sees wisdom in her eyes, she is more runway and commercial girl.

Nadya sees her consistency during the competition, but she thinks that Jessica might be too old. Marina thinks it is quite tough to model in her age, but she is quite editorial looking. Todd feels that Jessica stands out and Tyra sees something special in her.


There is no announcement who is the first runner-up and who is the second runner-up. I thought it would be Stephanie who takes the crown, but after watching this episode, I believe that will be Jessica and it will be very weird if Jessica does not win. I find the announcement of the winner is not that climax. Nadya just announces it too early and we do not have the "countdown" moment. The girls' outfit for final panel is also too girl next door, especially Stephanie. She looks like as if she is about to go to a mall.

You can watch it here.
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If you are Indonesian or can understand Bahasa, you can read my movie reviews :)

If you like watching modelling competition, you should watch The Face. It is quite fresh and you can read my recap for episode 1 here. I will keep posting recap of The Face for more :)

For you who are hungry for America's Next Top Model, there will be "Meet the Casts of Cycle 20 Boys vs Girls" on February 20th in American time ! I might post it as well.

I will do recap for ANTM Cycle 20 this summer (tentative) and AsiasNTM Cycle 2 (I believe this show will continue at least for one more cycle). I might do recap of Britain and Ireland's NTM Cycle 9 and AusNTM Cycle 8 as well. So, stay tuned !

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  1. Lol at Tyra and Nadya's face, they don't look that happy andat all. Hahaha. Jessica's just too old for the industry. 27, really? She always uses her affections to move the judges. I thought Stephanie would win because she brought her A game. But it makes sense. Jessica produced four best photos and won challenges. Kate was not a model figure and would fit more as a beauty queen or actress. But yet I am still happy for the three of them making it into the finale. Well, I guess the runners up always turn out as more successful than the winners...'Nuff said.

    1. I noticed that also ! Nadya does not look happy when she hugs Jessica, but Tyra looks quite happy, at least she looks happier than Nadya. Yes, I should agree that her age might be an obstacle for her. Actually, I had a feeling that Stephanie might win this, but after seeing this episode, this show must be crazy if Jessica does not win. I totally agree that Kate is more actress than model. Let's see who will be success in the future :)

  2. love love it, and i thinks better that they are the final 3 best of the bunch, they all deserve it, but weird things is why nadya doesn't know her all contestan ages specially jessica, i'm confuse about it, when casting what is her does, Lol... but still happy for this episode, thanks a lot broo for your recap,
    and i can't wait to see your recap for amentm cycle 20, britntm c9, ausntm c8 before that i see the face first it's quite interesting another way to have a show of modelling competition,
    you know how exciting this all model competition for me, hahaaaa i'm so crazy about that, :D
    and broo where is the photo of the face that from team naomi?,
    and you know when all ausntm britntm will begin? :p

    1. AusNTM Cycle 8 will be aired on June 4, while Britain and Ireland's NTM does not have the release date yet. I did not find Team Naomi's photo in its official page. So, sorry about that :) Last but not least, I am glad you like reading my posts :)

  3. well that is along time to go, and i hope you not change addres of your blog or erased by its blog self, and i wish your blog still aired everlasting so i can see your recap soon, but don't worry i still have your recap for The Face so i will keep looking at it every week,okay broo :D

    1. I think I will not change it :D By the way, do you watch The Face or do you just read my recap ? Your name sounds Indonesian or Malay, you should read my movie reviews :p

  4. your recap is (almost) the same as wiki's. did you write the wiki article as well?,_Cycle_1

    1. Nope :) I got some traffic from wiki also. I think that someone who writes in wiki read my recap and he or she makes it more complete. I have no problem with that since the writer gives citation and reference, even though someone will remove it later :)

  5. yeeeeaay!!!
    this is the most interesting episode because:
    1. i like jessica (who has a calm-but-had-a-spirit personality) and i'm glad that she won
    2. i'm sophie sumner's fans! love to see her again ^^
    thanks for the review :D

    1. Thanks for your visit and following too :D Hope you enjoy my posts :)

    2. sure!! and hope you keep up this nice recap! ^^

  6. cant wait for your recap of america's next top model . boys vs girls will be greatt . please make a recap

  7. the video is private :( can i granted access?

    1. Unfortunately, all of the official youtube videos for cycle 1 belongs to the cycle 1's production team. The production team was changed. So, they made it private.



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