Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Recap] The Face Season 1 (2013) Episode 2 : This is Modelling, Not Busting or Fight Club.

Team Naomi talks about losing team member, while Ebony and Christy from Team Karolina talk about how Stephanie is not a model.

Test Shoot #2 is Strike a Pose. The supermodel coach who is the judge for test shoot is COCO ! Queen of Poses. The task is to pose with Vogue Eyewear in one minute. The girl with the most usable photos wins. The winner will appear on Vogue Eyewear website. Nigel tells the girls that Coco's record for posing in one minute is 160 times ! Coco demonstrates the test shoot and she is AMAZING !

Bottom three of the test shoot are Jocelyn, Zi Lin and the girl with the least usable photo is Sandra with only nine usable photos. Bottom three girls are all from Team Naomi ! Sandra tries to imitate Coco by changing pose in short time, but she ends up messy and more to hair commercial. If it is a hair commercial, it is still bad though.

Top three of the test shoot are Margaux, Brittany and the winner with 75 usable photos is Madeleine. Wow, two girls are from Team Coco. Margaux proves that she is the strongest in Team Coco so far.

Sandra gets angry with her team, but Jocelyn tries to explain to her that is solo challenge, not group challenge. Sandra is still angry and tells the girls in her team not to mess up in campaign. Jocelyn asks why because it is a group challenge and if one messes up, the whole team is in danger, including Jocelyn herself. Sandra does not like Jocelyn so much and she self proclaims that she will be the last girl standing in Naomi's team. Naomi comes to Sandra to solve the problem because they need team unity in the campaign.

Nigel announces the task for next campaign. They will be shooting for fifteen second commercial for Cosabella Lingerie. There will be three different style, from conservative to sweet to very sexy. Each team decides roles in each team. Each member of the winning team will get an exclusive Never Say Never lingerie set named after their name and will be sold in and Cosabella flagship store. The winning campaign also will be featured online in

Team Karolina and Team Coco are busy deciding the role for each girls, while Team Naomi having internal fight between Jocelyn and Sandra because both of them want to be the sexy one. Their fighting is really loud and it makes Devyn and Madeleine from Team Karolina try to hear their fighting from outside. Zi Lin tries to stop the fight.

Supermodel coaches come to their team and help them. Karolina is confident because she has experience in lingerie. She tells her team do and don't in doing lingerie, but suddenly she hears loud fighting from Jocelyn and Sandra. Devyn is happy that she is not in Team Naomi. Naomi comes to Sandra and tries to make Sandra calm.

Campaign #2 : Cosabella Lingerie Commercial. There is Vice President of Cosabella in Branding and Innovation to watch and judge the commercial.

Team Karolina : Karolina expects a lot from her team, but Christy who should be conservative tries to be sexy. Coco and Naomi directly notice that there is no conservative girl in Team Karolina. Ebony who should be sexy suddenly becomes conservative in mid filming to replace Christy's abandoned role.

Team Coco : Marlee is the flirt, Stephanie is the conservative, Brittany and Margaux are sexy. Stephanie tries to potray shy conservative girl. Coco admits that she never do lingerie, but she knows a lot in commercial.

Team Naomi : Naomi chooses the role for each girl because Jocelyn and Sandra are fighting for sexy role. Jocelyn is the sexy, Sandra is sweet and Zi Lin is conservative. Jocelyn and Sandra are not connected even they are in the same bed. Karolina feels that Sandra is not interested and not into the character. Naomi finds an idea to solve that problem. She asks the girls to do pillow fight which runs smoothyly and helps Team Naomi's commercial.

It is time for deciding who is the winning team.

Team Coco : Margaux is the strongest in her team, while Marlee looks boring and Stephanie could be better.

Team Karolina : Devyn is spectacular, while Ebony is the weakest in the bunch.

Team Naomi : Team Naomi shows seduction well. Jocelyn is very strong, but she might be too strong and does not connect with Zi Lin and Sandra.

The winning team is ... TEAM NAOMI ! What ? I expect Team Coco to win this. Karolina is shocked with Naomi's team winning. I think Karolina should be nervous of losing one of her girls this week.

Nigel announces the result to the girls. Sandra is very happy and excited, while Christy and Marlee are nervous. Jocelyn feels that Sandra's celebration is over the top, so she celebrates it in her mind only.

It is the time for the losing coaches to nominate one of their girls to be up for elimination. Karolina does not see clearly who to send, but she has her bottom two for this week. They are Christy because she potray sexy instead of conservative and Ebony. Coco is confident with her team. She feels that her team should win that campaign. She is upset. Karolina picks Christy because she is not working with the team. Christy hopes that she will be against Stephanie because she is confident that she is stronger model than Stephanie. Coco almost cries when she is about to nominate one girl. She picks Stephanie once again because she is newbie. Coco gives the same reason with previous week. I think and expect Coco picks Marlee for the nomination.

Who stays ? Stephanie who has something, but this show might be too much and too soon for her or Christy who has great future but she shows no passion ?

The girl that I (Naomi) have decided to keep in this competition is ... Stephanie.

Christy does not expect her elimination. She tells that she looks like model than Stephanie with her height and weight.

Coco and her team are happy. Margaux hugs Stephanie, while Karolina is not happy. She is questioning if Naomi's decision is a revenge or what.

Next Week : Dress to impress ! Runway ! Some girls slip ! Sandra cries ! Double elimination (?)

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