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[Recap] The Face Season 1 (2013) Episode 1 : Here's A Tissue for Your Issues

Hi guys ! First of all, I want to say thanks for my loyal reader. My blog has reached 100,000 pageviews today. Yeay ! I decided to do recap of another modelling competition by Naomi Campbell, The Face. If you have not heard about this competition, it is similar to The Voice of America's Next Top Model. So, there are coaches and they pick girls to be in their team. If one girls is picked by more than one coach, she can choose her coach. The coaches are Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. The host of this show is Nigel Barker !

Actually, there is an episode before this episode 1. It is about the casting process from Top 24 to Top 12. The girls go to the house and they are grouped by their own team. So, Team Naomi will be in one room and Team Karolina and Team Coco will be in their own room. We can notice some of the girls who stand out, like Zi Lin (Naomi) and Devyn (Karolina) who are wanted by all of the coaches in the casting. Zi Lin is a representative from China in Miss Universe 2011. We have some memorable girls, like Sandra who is really crazy and Stephanie who has no experience in modelling. Margaux (Coco) is happy with her mates in Team Coco, but she is intimidated with Team Naomi. FYI, Margaux is wanted by both Coco and Naomi, but she chooses to be in Team Coco instead of Team Naomi.

The girls meet the ex "noted sexy fashion photographer" Nigel Barker. Nigel tells the girls that they will have their very first test shoot. Test shoot is similar with challenge in ANTM. They will be judged individually in test shoot and there is no elimination. Every test shoot will be judged by one of the coaches.

Test Shoot #1 is Who Wore It Better ? So, one girl will be compared with another girl who is in the exact same outfit, but they can add accessories and anything to stand out. This week test shoot will be judged by Naomi Campbell. The winner of this test shoot will get a $5,000 shopping spree from Topshop.

First Round :
Devyn (K) vs Stephanie (C) in Party Girl look (Sassy yet Classy). Winner : Stephanie
Marlee (C) vs Sandra (N) in Business Casual (Dressing Professionally yet Relaxed). Winner : Marlee
Margaux (C) vs Aleksandra (N) in 60's Girl (Be Daring... The Spirit of Revolution). Winner : Margaux
Ebony (K) vs Christy (K) in Army Chic (Military Green Apparel with a Girly Twist). Winner : Ebony
Zi Lin (N) vs Brittany (C) in Trend: City Girl (Trend-setting Fashionista but Accessible). There is a little drama here. Zi Lin can not fit in her pants, so she does not wear her pants and she uses it as accessories. Winner : Zi Lin
Jocelyn (N) vs Madeleine (K) in Trend: Biker Chic (Rough and Edgy yet Stylish). Here comes another drama. Madeleine picks a wrong size of shoes. She cries when she comes up. So, Jocelyn comes up with a very catchy quote that becomes my title for this recap : "Here's a Tissue for Your Issues." Winner : Jocelyn

Second Round :
Ebony vs Margaux in Trend: Red Carpet (Celebrity Style with Glamour and Sophistication). Winner : Margaux
Jocelyn vs Marlee in Trend: Downtown Girl (Quirky Relaxed Looks Pulled Off with Ease). Winner : Jocelyn
Stephanie vs Zi Lin in Trend: Hippie Chic (Inspired by Free Love, Comfortable & Flowing). Winner : Zi Lin

Final Round :
Margaux vs Jocelyn vs Zi Lin in Trend: Masculine Chic (Masculine Pieces with a Feminine Touch). Winner : Zi Lin.

The girls talk about Margaux's lose in the house. They do not expect Zi Lin to win. Margaux is shocked because she thinks that Zi Lin's outfit looks feminine.

The girls go to Brooklyn's Navy Yard to their first campaign. Campaign is photoshoot in ANTM. Campaigns are team challenge.

Campaign #1 : W Magazines. The theme is Uptown vs Downtown storyboard. The girls will pick their own outfit and role in the photoshoot.

Team Karolina works quite well in group. Christy seems to give ideas, but she does not want to look bossy, while Sandra is too bossy in Team Naomi. Sandra's ideas are too crazy and Jocelyn suddenly takes the lead. Sandra is not happy about that. Margaux is nervous with Team Coco because Stephanie who is also in the same team is a newbie. The coaches come to their group and discuss about their idea. Karolina wants to teach her group nicely, while Naomi wants to give her team a tough love. Naomi asks Aleksandra to change her outfit and she does it directly because she is afraid of Naomi. Coco teaches her team poses and try not to do it safe. Photographer for this week campaign is Patrick Demarchelier who is also a photographer of Rodeo Drive themed in ANTM cycle 15.

Team Naomi : Aleksandra is the weakest in the group. She does not take directions really well. While the coach mentors her team, the other coaches see the photos and give comment. Coco does not understand the story. Aleksandra is not only one who struggles in Team Naomi. Zi Lin also looks very stiff because she only gives one pose.

Team Karolina : Karolina does not want to really tell them how to do it to see their weaknesses and strengths. Coco feels that Team Karolina's photo is boring.

Team Coco : Margaux flips her hair while the other girls do ballet in the same time. Karolina thinks that is interesting to do ballet, but Naomi does not like the photo so much because she does not see uptown and downtown. Marlee gives boring poses and lets her team down, while Stephanie looks awkward.

So, it will be up to the guest judges to decide which team wins the campaign. The guest judges are Editor in Chief of W Magazines, Booking Editorial of W Magazines and Legendary Model Agent. It is too bad that they do not have a subtitle to show what their names are.

Team Coco : The final photo is very Coco. They love Margaux, but they also think that Stephanie is awkward. However, Stephanie is modern and she can be in the runway this season.

Team Karolina : Good image. They give more of the story and less of the girls.

Team Naomi : Zi Lin is too pretty. Karolina thinks that photo is too Naomi and not too W Magazines.

The winner is ... Team Karolina ! I agree ! Team Karolina's photo this week is the strongest one.

So, Naomi and Coco, as the coach of two losing teams must nominate one girl to be up for elimination, while Karolina as the coach of winning team is the one who decide who will stay and who will go.

It is clearly to see that Zi Lin and Aleksandra are the weakest from Team Naomi. Zi Lin is too pageantry, while Aleksandra is lack of focus.

While Marlee and Stephanie are the weakest from Team Coco. Coco needs to see more from Marlee, while Stephanie is strong, but gives bad faces.

Naomi picks Aleksandra to face elimination and Coco picks Stephanie.

Who stays ? Stephanie who is young, passionate and gifted, but she has no experience or Aleksandra who is strong and beautiful, but does she want this more than Stephanie ?

Congratulations to ... Stephanie !

Naomi starts to be angry and does not want to be shot by camera anymore. Coco welcomes Karolina. Karolina tries to come to Naomi, but Naomi does not want to talk to her. Naomi confronts Caroline and leaves the house. It seems to be more drama than in ANTM, especially from the coaches.

Next Week : Campaign or Test Shoot with Glasses ! Sandra vs Jocelyn !

What I like from The Face :
- The Face is closer to the fashion industry because if one group wins campaign, they get the campaign.
- The Face is more fresh.
- The coaches are superb. I love Coco !

What I do not like from The Face :
- The elimination might be based on revenge and too subjective.

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