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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 8 : If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere

Glamorous Red Carpet

Helena talks about her panic attack. She is wondering why the judges comment on her personality. She even does not give approval for them to do so. Helena goes to sleep. The girls still talk about Helena. Aastha thinks that Sofia should move to Stephanie's room because Sofia needs it more than her and Stephanie is now alone in her room. Both Sofia and Helena feels happy about Sofia's action to move. Nadya mail ! It is about out, in and entrance. Kate thinks that it will be catwalk and walk back. She also states that is the worst guess. I think two girls that make this show live are Helena and Kate. Kate as the positive with her bubbly personality and funny; Helena as the negative with lots of drama. If both of them are eliminated soon, this show will be boring.


The girls go to Cassia restaurant and meet Joey and Nadya. They talk about elegant, poise and present. Let's says that they will teach the girl about manners. They try to practice for interview. Jessica's grammar is mess. What she says is quite different with the subtitles. Sofia is asked who her favorite Japanese designer is and she answers Sanrio. It is funny and pathetic. To all of you who do not what Sanrio is, just google "Hello Kitty". Challenge time ! This time is only mini challenge. Joey and Nadya will look at them while they are having lunch. They spot Helena still looks not really happy and Sofia slurps. Jessica handles the challenge really well. She sits calmly, even though she stops eating her food because it is too spicy. They also spot Stephanie eats a whole food in one bite, Aastha disability to use chopstick. Joey and Nadya also compare Aastha with Jessica who can not use chopstick properly. Jessica definitely will win this challenge ! There will be a red carpet challenge with Nadya and Joey. The girls will wear dress from Farah Khan. The winner of this mini challenge will get a VIP spa treatment at Auriga Spa with Nadya. The winner is Jessica, who never go to spa before !

I spot Jessica's accent and how she pronounce something are quite funny. She sometimes misspell something and sounds funny. The girls get ready for the red carpet while Nadya and Jessica enjoy the treatment. Nadya also gives Jessica advice during make up session. It is the time for red carpet. Daniel thinks Kate looks so beautiful. She looks like a celebrity. The girls get interview session with George Young, but Kate is having a hard time to hear what he says. So, Kate just concentrates on his last word and guesses what his questions are. Joey thinks that Helena looks positive tonight and she likes it. Daniel sees how professional Sofia is. Sofia is straight go to the center and looks like a true star. The girls try to blend with the crowd. The girls that stand out is Sofia, Kate and Helena, but the challenge winner is Helena. She will get that Farah Khan dress. Helena states that she wants to steal it before, but she is lucky that she can keep it.

The girls go back to the house. Sofia confronts Helena in front of the other girls. Sofia does that to make it clear, but Helena thinks that what Sofia does is exactly the same with what she did before. Helena says that she has good intention by doing that, while Sofia is not satisfied with Helena's answer. Sofia just let it go. Nadya Mail ! "One size fits all". The girls predict that they will be wearing the same dress.

Photoshoot time ! They will be having photoshoot in Universal Studio Singapore in front beautiful iconic building of "New York". They will be wearing the exact same dress that is 100 metre long and the weight is 15 kg. The art director for this photoshoot is Yuan Sng and the photographer is Toon "Toons" Liang. Daniel tells a quote to end it : "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."

Helena needs to watch her mouth and eyes. She concentrates in her face, but Daniel thinks that she needs to relax because she is too tense. She takes time to warm up. Daniel feels that she looks like a dancer.

Jessica wants to do crazy thing with her dress. She has her own techniques to make her gown looks fly. Daniel feels that Jessica's gown looks flowing.

Aastha plays with her dress. Daniel compares her with Helena. Aastha looks like model, while Helena looks like dancer, but Aastha looks tired easily.

Sofia thinks that her height is an advantage with this type of gown because she will not step as much as the other girls do. Daniel asks her to do something that show her armpit less. She loses intensity, her eyes are not consistent and her lip spoils the picture.

Stephanie feels tired because of her heavy dress. Her eyes are not working. Daniel feels that the gown looks like garbage bag. She is scared of elimination.

Kate needs to give more energy. She suddenly falls because she steps on her dress. She feels that her dress is more important to her. She states that "I didn't damage the dress." with Kate usual funny personality. She gets more energy after she falls. She asks for more frame because she falls. Daniel gives her one last frame. She tells Daniel to pick her fall as her best shot if they take it. Daniel shows a shot and says to Kate that he will pick that shot. That shot is the shot when Kate's face is covered by the dress. It is very entertaining to see Kate's photoshoot session. However, they do not really wear the exact same dress.

Judging Panel :
There is no guest judge for this week panel. The judges are Nadya, Todd, Daniel and Joey.

Kate feels that her photoshoot is not good. Kate laughs when she sees her best shot because she thinks that it is not that bad. Nadya thinks that is a great shot and the dress looks amazing. Kate says that she tries to be Sofia, but Daniel asks her to be herself and he feels that she nails it after her falling. Joey expects her photo to be queen of the night, but she ends up with queen of fashion carnaval.

Aastha gives beautiful face in Nadya's opinion. Todd asks her to do something different and not force him to repeat the same comment that he gave three weeks ago. Joey feels that she is losing her energy, but Daniel still believes in her.

Helena looks like as if she is queen of drama. Joey thinks that she looks like bird of paradise. Daniel feels joy to watch her photoshoot. Todd thinks that she needs to give range of look. Nadya feels that her fun feeling shows in her face.

Sofia gives the most impressive dress movement. Todd feels that her photo is lost for couture shot. Joey thinks that she looks like angry bird and this is a lucky shot. Daniel does not agree with Joey. He feels that dress is made for Sofia.

Jessica's shot is praised by Daniel. He thinks it can be a campaign shot for the dress. Joey loves it and she looks like phoenix in that shot. Nadya feels that she is a gorgeous glamour queen.

Stephanie looks like she is wearing a 15 kg dress. Daniel says that this photo is lucky of lucky of lucky shot. Todd thinks that is train wreck. Joey feels that she needs to get out of the box.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... Jessica ! Wow, two weeks in a row. Well deserved !

2. Kate (I agree !)
3. Aastha (What ? How come ?)
4. Helena (She deserves to be third.)

I thought that the bottom two will be Aastha and Stephanie, Sofia is in bottom three, but I am wrong. I think it is the perfect time for Stephanie to go, but I know that Stephanie will not be going home at least before underwater shoot. I am thinking of other possibility : no elimination.

Who stays ? The girl with beautiful face, but not high fashion ? Or the girl with great body, but need to learn how to control her face ?

Both of their shots are their lucky shot. Both of them get another chance, but next week someone has to go home.

5. Sofia needs to practice in mirror.
6. Stephanie better get to work.

Wait ! WHAT ? It is so unfair that Stephanie gets two chances in twice no elimination week. Let's see if Stephanie can survive for another week again or not.

Next Week : Kate and Jessica unleash their frustation by jumping to the pool ! Toughest challenge : acting ! Underwater photoshoot and Aastha gets not use to use it !

Miss the eliminated girls and want to know more about Top 6 ? You should watch this video.

You can watch the full episode here.

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