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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 9 : Go Under Before You Go to the Top

Stylish Mermaid

Stephanie feels that her journey is finished when she is in the bottom two with Sofia. Kate and Jessica talk about panel. Sofia comes to them and they feel Stephanie deserves to go home. Kate is questioning why Sofia is in the bottom two, but Sofia also does not understand. On the other hand, Helena hopes that Sofia leaves and she is happy that Stephanie stays because she likes her. NADYA'S MAIL ! What;s your fantasy ? Press to play. The girls guess that will be Playboy commercial with guy and they become male's fantasy.


Kate feels everyone upsets, so she wants to entertain them by jumping to the pool with full cloth with Jessica. Aastha does not want to because she can not swim, while Stephanie is scared of water because she drowned. Kate, Jessica and Stephanie drag Aastha to the pool. Kate states that she will do that again in naked.

The girls go to Coty Beauty Far East Export. They meet Joey and Fons Houtkamp, General Manager of Coty Beauty Far East Export. They will make their own commercial Palyboy VIP for her. Press to play to see what gonna happen. They also have a very handsome male model as co-star, Drew Rivera. They need to find outfit not only for themselves in Moephosis, but also for the male model. Aastha's boyfriend is pilot. So, she uses it as her fantasy. Helena's fantasy is a perfect guy, sexy but sensitive.

Sofia becomes a girl who is late for Masquerade ball, but there is only a geek guy around her, but he turns out as sexy superhero.
Aastha's commercial is not memorable.
Jessica's commercial is boring. She needs lots of cut. Joey shows her how to do it. She needs to be crazy and fun, but she still looks boring.
Helena is glamour and she gives what the judges ask for.
Kate's commercial is inspired by Zorro. It looks different and the judges praise her for her creativity.
Stephanie becomes a notorious thief, but she can not act at all. She feels that she conquers it, but she does not.

The winner of the challenge is Helena ! She wins a package of Playboy VIP for her and one of a kind Playboy VIP for her with swarovski. She also wins a VIP access at Universal Studio Singapore. She also gets extra 15 minutes in the next photoshoot. WOW ! The prize is really good. However, I feel Kate is deserved to win that. Congrats for Helena though !

NADYA MAIL ! Go under before you go to the top. The girls guess it right ! Underwater shoot. Stephanie and Aastha worry about the photoshoot because they had problem with water.

The girls go to Gallery Hotel. The theme is exotic fashion mermaid. They will wear a Phillipino designer's dress, Michael Cinco. The photographer is Aaron Wong. Joey and Todd also come to the photoshoot. Joey gives tips to Aastha from her past experience.

Kate makes the photographer worries that she overdo stuff, but she gives variation. She feels that she is queen of mermaid.
Sofia does not know if she looks in the right direction or not. The photographer looks frustated when they go to the surface.
Stephanie struggles. She looks like a mermaid who is scared of water.
Jessica changes pose to quick, but she listens to the photographer and looks like goddess mermaid underwater.
Helena interprets the brief on her own. She wants to be Medusa instead of mermaid. After using her extra 15 minutes, she still does not understand what photographer wants.
Aastha bubbles everywhere, but when she gets use to it, she manages to control her fear and back to the game.

Judging Panel :
The guest judges are Lauren Clarke Jense, editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar and Michael Cinco. High resolution photos are in the call-out part.

Aastha questions her right hand and Nadya agrees with that. Lauren likes it, she looks confident. Todd wants to see more of her.

Sofia's photo looks high fashion in Michael's opinion. He likes it. Todd feels that her photo is another one shot wonder.

Kate questions her photo. Nadya feels anime olympic mascot, but it is not high fashion. Michael likes it because it sells the outfit.

Helena's photo does not look like a couture mermaid. Todd feels that Medusa thingy is too strong. Michael feels that she becomes villain. Nadya says that she should go with the brief.

Jessica looks stunning. Lauren sees high fashion and beautiful. Michael feels drama and emotion. He also thinks that is perfect photo.

Stephanie does not show energy. Todd feels that she is just pretty face girl. Lauren does not see fun from her.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... JESSICA. THREE BEST PHOTOGRAPHS IN A ROW. Congrats Jessica !

2. Sofia
3. Kate
4. Aastha

I agree with the Top 4. I think the photoshoot is below my expectation. It might be because the pool is not that deep, so we can see the surface almost in every shot. Jessica gives a great face, but her body is not that good and she looks short. Sofia looks great, but it is another lucky shot. Kate looks weird, but it is still better than most of the girls. Aastha does an okay job, but her photo is still better than the bottom two. The bottom two is predictable. Please eliminate Stephanie this time ! Helena is stronger than Stephanie. The most important thing is Helena creates drama in the house.

Who stays ? The girl with beautiful face, but hit and miss ? Or the girl who wants this the most, but she does not show variety ?

5. Stephanie WHAT ?!?!?!?!?
6. Helena

The girls are shocked. Me too ! If Stephanie wins, it is planned from the beginning. She is saved three times and two of them are non-elimination where Stephanie was the worst. On the other hand, this is Helena's second time and she has stronger portfolio than Stephanie. Helena is pissed off. She feels that she deserves to stay because she breathes and lives fashion. She leaves teddy bear, lollipop and notes for Stephanie. There is their commercial from this week challenge as the closing and no preview for next episode. You can see the full commercial of each girls here.

Next Week : The girls start to think Jessica as strongest competitor ! Stephanie struggles (again) for Subaru XV photoshoot ! Will she go home next week ?

You can watch the full episode here.


  1. The only thing I'll miss about Helena is her role as a source of "tension" in the house.

    Thanks for the recap - I totally forgot to tune in this week.

    If Stephanie wins, it's definitely rigged :P I'm Team Sofia.

  2. Sure, Helena brings drama in the house that is entertaining for TV show, while the remaining girls, except Kate are too nice and quite. I do not know what to expect for next episode.

    My dream team for Top 3 are Jessica, Kate and Sofia. Sofia probably wins this because she is the full package model. I don't have problem with one shot wonder because you only need one shot in the end :p

    Jessica also has a chance to win. She steps up her game before it's too late. She is also the most high fashion girl in the bunch, but her personality does not shine. Kate is entertaining, she is more like an actress, not a model :p

  3. Jessica's photo is so freaking high-class, man. Love it! Talking to her boyfriend sure gives her a lot of motivation!

    As for Stephanie, I'm starting to get a little annoyed with her... I mean, come on... Surely there's somekind of a limit as to how much someone could be in bottom 2? Plus, she didn't win any FCOs and challenges at all and her personality is just so-so.

    1. Hi ! Long time no see :) I think fashion and art is more subjective. People can have their own opinion and I appreciate yours :)

      Unfortunately, there is no limit for being in the bottom. As long as the judges love that girl and want her to stay, she can stay. I do not think Stephanie deserves to get her forth chance. She should be eliminated in episode 8. She is forgetable and she does not stand out compares to Top 6.



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