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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2013) Episode 10 : Envy, Movement and Passion

Beauties in Motion

Aastha gets a letter from Helena. Aastha actually is shocked with Helena's elimination because Helena gets extra time and it increases her chance to get best photo. Kate and Sofia are happy with Helena's elimination. Stephanie reads Helena's last letter with Aastha. Both of them are the only girls who will miss Helena. The girls have dinner together. Sofia praises Jessica's photo, while Kate confronts Jessica for having three best photo in a row. Kate asks Jessica to teach her, but Jessica feels that she already "gives" everything to Kate. NADYA MAIL ! The girls guess it will be commercial or acting. Kate feels confident because she knows that she is better than Jessica in that field.


The girls meet Joey and Sheena Seah, international choreographer at Danz People. Sheena teaches pose and a little bit dance. The girls are asked to walk one by one and sits. Kate is very confident with that, but she is shocked with Jessica's good performance. After that, the girls meet Paula Taylor, VJ in Thailand and model. She is also a racer who represents Thailand in The Amazing Race Asia 2. However, Jessica is the only girl who is excited. She is also probably the one who knows her because they are from Thailand. Paula teaches to combine poses with facial expression to get the emotion.

It is time for CHALLENGE ! Their challenge is motion editorial for Subaru. Motion editorial is described as print ad that comes to life. The girls meet Todd, Daniel and the executive director of Subaru, Glenn Tan. Daniel tells them that their motion editorial will be judged in judging panel. The girls get their own character to be played. Sofia as corporate business woman. Stephanie as fashionable shopper. Jessica as sophisticated lady of ledger, but she does not understand that. So, Daniel tells her that character is a very rich woman. Kate as fun and easy going nature lover. Aastha as glamorous party goer.

Stephanie does not look glamour, but she looks angry instead. Daniel feels that Stephanie looks like harassed housewife. She does not know what is wrong with her. Daniel gives advices, but it still does not work.

Sofia gives confident look. Todd worries because corporate is boring, but she nails it.

Aastha has problem in opening her bag, but after getting Daniel's advice, she starts to looks classy and sells everything.

Jessica thinks of Paris Hilton as her role model and Daniel is impressed with that. He does not need to give much direction because she follows the brief.

Kate jumps and enjoy. She has ideas from beginning, but Todd sees that there is a thin line between enjoying nature and orgasmic look.

The winner of the challenge is ... JESSICA. Wow, she starts to be stronger and stronger week by week. She gets a Subaru package and $1,000 shopping spree at Tyan in ION. She also will experience Subaru XV in her way to ION. Jessica's winning makes Kate does not want to talk more to her in joking way, while Stephanie is jealous and she feels that she is the weakest of the bunch. You can watch the motion editorials here.

NADYA MAIL ! Movement creates constant changes and blah blah blah. The photoshoot will be about movement. Stephanie calls her partner and son. I think that she is homesick.

Photoshoot ! The photographer is Todd. The theme is about movement, but they still needs to concentrate on their facial expression too. Kate is very excited, while Stephanie cries and feels homesick.

Kate jumps and turns around. She shows her underwear, but she does not care about it. Todd feels her passion for the shoot and he enjoys shooting her. He feels that her photo will be pretty good.

Sofia stucks in one area. She looks stiff and limiting herself.

Aastha feels the difficulty with the photoshoot. She gives nice shape, but her face is blank. Daniel agrees to take off her wig and she continues her photo in her real hair. The shoot with short hair is better.

Jessica looks passionate from the beginning. Todd does not expect that.

Stephanie needs to use more space. Todd needs more fire in her eyes. He does not feel her passion during photoshoot.

Judging Panel :
The guest judges for this week is Paula Taylor.

Kate feels that her motion editorial is not bad after watching it. She feels that she looks like phoenix. Daniel feels her energy, but the wrong kind of energy. Nadya feels passion in her photo. She is dare to look ugly. Paula also sees so much energy in her photo.

Sofia's motion editorial shows better expression in Daniel's opinion. Todd sees improvement in her photo, but he is questioning her passion. Paula thinks that she needs to let it go.

Stephanie's motion boring is boring in Todd's opinion. Nadya tells her to believe what she does, but Nadya thinks her photo is GREAT ... for her. Todd does not see passion in her photo, but Daniel believes that she gives it all in her photo.

Aastha's motion editorial is Paula's favorite so far. Daniel feels that she is telegenic, but she does not look interested. Nadya sees the energy from her body in her photo, but her eyes show nothing. Daniel feels that her photo is lack of variety. Todd asks her to gives more.

Jessica pulls it off in her motion editorial in Nadya's opinion. Daniel also states that she wins the challenge and it means client loves it. Nadya feels her passion in her photo. Daniel feels that she is on fire. Todd thinks her photo is fashion art. Paula sees her having full of passion in her photo.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... JESSICA ! AGAIN ! FOUR BEST PHOTOS STRAIGHTS ! YOU BETTER WIN, JESS !

2. Kate (Obviously.)
3. Sofia

I agree with the Top 3. They are my dream team for Final 3. If Stephanie is saved again from bottom two, she deserves to get a fancy plate. That is a proverb in Indonesia to tease something you expect that will not happen, but it happens. It will be unfair for Aastha too, but the judges get the right reason to eliminate Aasthe because she does not look really passionate.

Who stays ? The exotic beauty that lacks of effort ? Or the commercial beauty who plays it safe ?

4. Stephanie *SPEECHLESS*
5. Aastha

Aastha feels that is too late to show how she wants it. She would show more if she got a chance. She also leaves letter for the girls.

Next Week : Recap episode ! Kate's ass starting to be famous in the house !

You can watch it here.


  1. LOL while Jessica has won 4 times in a round, Stephanie already landed 4 times in the bottom two. I love Stephanie's personality, but seriously, she hasnt shown potential anymore. She had great photons in ep1 and 3 (her "rooster" photo is one of my favourites), but after that, she became mediocre, in both challenges and photoshoot.

    I hope Jessica will win this competition. She is the most stable girl of the bunch, and I notice that she hasnt landed in the bottom two yet. Other girls are so unstable. They won one week, and next one, they failed. Kate has improved though. Sofia has the best runway walking skill among the girls now as Trang left, but her photos' quality is the most fluctuating among the girls'. How pity that Aastha was eliminated this week. I personally think Stephanie should go rather than Aastha. Her photos overall were better than Stephanie's.

    1. Yes, that's true. (Un)fortunately, Stephanie did not land in the bottom two four times in a row. Me personally thinks that Stephanie is boring and forgettable. If she wins, it is just planned from the beginning. Stephanie should have been eliminated last week. Helena was much stronger than her. Helena got two best photos and won three challenges, while Stephanie did not get anything.

      My dream team for Final 3 has their own strength. Sofia is the most modelesque one with her feature. Jessica is the most high fashion one. Kate is the commercial one that has potential to be actress. I think the Top 2 will be Sofia and Jessica :) If Stephanie does not show big improvement and becomes Top 2, I will be speechless.

  2. It's not fair... They gave Stephanie wayyyy to many chances, as if they want her to win AT LEAST one top photo before they can crown her Asia's Next Top Model... I mean, come on!

    1. Maybe Asia's Next Top Model tries to follow Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. BINTM got two winners that did not get best photo at all. I still wish Stephanie will be placed fourth.

  3. Stephanie's photo was great, but I think the judges just don't see how beautiful she is in her photo this week. I thought I'd see Aastha and Kate in the bottom two. But from my vision, the finale will be a toss-up between Jessica and Stephanie. Sofia looks almost the same + gets lucky shots, which affects consistency of the looks. Aastha looks dynamic but falls flat when you look in her eyes. This week, I really thought that Stephanie would be called second or third. Who knows...

  4. I think people should stop referencing to the girl's previous performances since the ranking who's called first is based on that week's performance alone. If the judges has the hard time deliberating, that's when they check on their overall performance so far. If you'll compare both Helena's and Aastha's pictures in Stephanie's when she's with them in the bottom 2, Stephanie's photos are no question a lot better. She deserve to stay.
    In episode 12, Jessica's best photo reign ends and is at the bottom 2 and Kate is eliminated. And guess who got the best photo: STEPHANIE.

    1. Models are rated not only from her single photo, but they are rated based on their portfolio. I agree with you that Stephanie's movement photo is better than Aastha's, but I think Helena's photo is better than Stephanie's. I am 100% percent sure that you made that assumption based on wikipedia. You can see my recap for episode 12 and you can see who gets the best photo and who goes home :) ->



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